Having a healthy body requires exercise and eating the right foods. Neither exercise nor a healthy diet alone will promote good health. I like to think that the first steps to living a healthy lifestyle is to watch what you eat and drink; to cut out bad habits such as smoking, illegal drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption; and you should seek professional advice from a personal trainer to see what exercise routine and full body workouts will work best for you and your lifestyle.

Water is necessary for your body to run effectively. You may sometimes experience hunger pains that are actually your body telling you that you need more water. A person should be drinking at least one quart of water per 150 pounds of body weight. You can even encourage healthy living by walking by the ocean. The waves of the ocean create a negative ion charge that will help pull any unwanted toxins away from your body. Your body will absorb the minerals from the ocean. Water is an important ingredient to a healthy life.

To have a healthy body you need to watch what you eat. The best foods to eat are the foods that are natural, that have been put on this earth for us to enjoy. The foods that you consume should be foods that decay and spoil after a few days. Your morning should start off with eating fresh fruit. Wait about half an hour before you go on to eat whole raw nuts, oatmeal, eggs, beans, or protein from plants or animals. Try to snack on fresh vegetables at the mid-morning. When lunch time rolls around eat mixed greens with proteins. Dinner should consist of steamed vegetables and a protein of your choice. Remember that you should not eat fruit after a meal as it can cause indigestion. Also, sweets need to be eaten alone, and not often. In the event that you are craving something sweet, you could have a banana or pear. Sometimes fruits just are not sweet enough, in that case, please try to eat sweets that have natural sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey in them.

One problem that people have with eating healthy is that they don’t think they have time for it. We do live in a fast paced world, but it’s not hard to bring fresh vegetables and a salad along for lunch. It doesn’t take long to grab a handful of fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and fruit as you are running out the door. If you begin to feel hunger pains between meals you should look at your diet to see if you’re actually drinking as much water as you should.

You might be interested in keeping a food journal. This will help you know what you ate and how it has affected your health. Please, do not take any supplements without consulting a personal trainer. Some people might require other foods in their diets than what are suggested in this article. You should always seek professional advice before you do any drastic changes to your diet.