You may be wondering why it is important to use and exercise all your muscles in your body. The truth is that as we mature and get older our muscles begin to weaken. The muscles that we don’t use often will be the first to lose firmness and strength. You must do some type of workout, whether that means going to the gym or finding a routine that works for you at home, to keep your muscle strength up. If you work hard at keeping your muscles healthy now, they will work hard at keeping you healthy when you’re older.

Being active daily and regular exercise helps to promote useful burning of blood sugar. Some simple activities that can help regulate your blood sugar include riding a bicycle, taking a jog, or even going for a walk. Studies have shown that walking 10,000 steps a day, or walking about 5 miles, will help burn off some of those extra calories that you have ingested throughout the day. Try to get outside either in the early morning or early evening sun for a walk or jog to promote optimal health. You should wear arch-supporting walking shoes, or jogging shoes to prevent injury to your body. If you are going to be jogging or taking a stroll down the sandy beach you might just want to go bare-foot. The sand will create a whole new workout for your leg muscles.

Do you feel as if your life is too busy that you don’t have time to exercise? Here is a tip on how to do one of the oldest forms of a cardiovascular exercise; climbing stairs. To get your “butt” and thigh muscles in shape avoid using an elevator or escalator. Take the stairs whenever, wherever it is possible. If you don’t have any stairs in your daily routine then you can purchase a stair stepping machine for use in your own home. Climbing stairs will help improve knee and back strength as well.

A couple types of exercises that you can do while relaxing at home might be push ups, squats, or even bicep curls. When you are doing push ups you should repeat the reps between 8-10 times. You can do push ups off the floor or off the wall if you don’t have much room to move around. Push ups will work your arm and chest muscles. The squats should be done between 20-25 times to work your leg and butt muscles. Feel free to hold onto weights while doing squats at home, just be sure that you know your limit to prevent injury. Do bicep curls at least 10 times while holding onto weights. You will feel the burn in your biceps if you are doing it properly.

Be sure that you are giving your body the appropriate time of rest between exercises. Keep your body hydrated by drinking water daily. Keep in mind that for the best results you should see a professional trainer at a gym or fitness center near you.