Personal Trainers

Why should you hire a personal trainer when you can just exercise on your own?

Fact: Only 10% of regular exercisers get the results they want. Of those, 90% hire a trainer!

A personal trainer is an exercise professional who designs a personalized program especially for YOU, based on your short and long term goals. Your personal trainer then trains you to meet those goals.

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Hire a Trainer

  • You may enjoy the privacy of individual instruction, especially if you are a beginner and are uncomfortable working out in an environment with experienced exercisers.
  • Constant supervision is highly motivating, and you will learn how to train effectively and safely.
  • One-on-one instruction fits easily into your busy schedule because it offers time efficient exercise sessions with optimal results.
  • You may have physical considerations or limitations due to illness, injuries, etc. and need a trainer to design a program for your specific needs.

Schedule of Fees

Individual Half Hour $45
(*8 or more sessions for $40/session)

Individual One Hour $75
(*8 or more sessions for $70/session)

Partner Training Half Hour $60
(*6 or more sessions for $55/session)

Partner Training One Hour $105
(*6 or more sessions for $95/session)

**For partner training sessions, each partner pays half of the session fee.